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VAN por Colombia

“VAN por Colombia”

offers authentic low-budget tours in Colombia in a Ford Furgoneta (1970). DO IT IN A VAN!

Our van: “VAN por Colombia” in a vintage car, a Ford Furgoneta constructed in 1970. Here are some technical details:

Motor: 5400 ccm

Cylinder: 8

Seats: 8

Drive: Fuel / LPG

About “VAN por Colombia”:“VAN por Colombia” is a service offered by “Hotal Donde Rafa” and one of the best options for low-budget travelers to experience the authentic Colombia. Starting in Medellin, we offer a real Colombia experience. Traveling in a “Ford Furgoneta” (construction year 1970), we take you to the most beautiful spots of the surroundings of Medellin. Climb up the famous Penol boulder at Lake Guatape, swim in the lake and enjoy delicious home made food.

How to “VAN por Colombia”: Just contact us via Facebook, write us an Email or give us a call: +57 321 – 7170104  (mobile Colombia). Our tour starts three times a week.

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